UK weather

What is the weather like in the UK?

You might have heard that the weather in England is very rainy - it isn't. Not many people know that in an average year, there are more rainy days in Miami, New York, Rio and Sydney than there are in London! 

So why do people talk about the UK weather so much? Because we are an island, the weather can change a lot, so it's good to be prepared with an umbrella and a warm winter coat.

What time of year should I study in the UK?

There are good reasons to visit at every time of the year. Even the colder months can be very beautiful - you might get the chance to see snow or ice, or a storm. So when will you get the best weather to study in England - and Scotland, Ireland and Wales?


June, July and August are usually the UK's warmest months, with long days and more sunshine. This is the time when most students visit the UK. July is often the warmest month, with an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. On the hottest days the temperature can reach 35C!


In September, October and November, it gets cooler after some warm, sunny days at the start of autumn. October has an average temperature of 11 degrees.


In December, January and February, the UK has low temperatures and it sometimes snows a little. Most of the snow is in the mountains, but it snows in the cities sometimes. It even snows in London! If you want to see snow, Scotland gets the most! January is usually the UK's coldest month, with an average temperature of five degrees.


In March, April and May the days get longer and brighter. The average temperature in April is a pleasant 10 degrees.

British people love to talk about the weather

Most Brits talk about the weather each day. It is a popular way to start a conversation and some people say we are obsessed with the weather! If you study English in the UK, you will have lots of opportunities to practice the topic. Test your weather vocabulary with the British Council

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