Your social life

What do you want to do while you are in the UK?

Your stay in the UK can be as relaxed or lively as you want it to be.

The UK benefits from a rich mix of history and culture. There is always something to see or do - from museums, art galleries and other visitor attractions, to theatres, parks and music events. Meet with people for a coffee, watch a film, go and see a live band, play sport, eat out at a restaurant, go clubbing.

Most course providers organise a range of activities for their students. And, because students are welcomed from all over the world, you will get the chance to meet lots of different people from lots of different places.

A different culture

Customs, habits and social rules vary from culture to culture, and this is one of the things that makes being in another country so interesting. It's a good idea to prepare yourself by reading as much as you can about the UK before you arrive. Try to think about what you will need to tell others about your own cultural needs too.


If you follow a religion and worship regularly at home, then you can continue to do this in the UK. Every major world religion is represented and most cities have Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist centres, as well as synagogues and churches of all denominations. Keeping in touch with your faith will provide you with a link to your life at home and can also enable you to develop new friendships quickly.


The food you can buy in the UK reflects the many ethnic influences in British society. Most supermarkets sell ingredients from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and many other parts of the world. The British are increasingly healthy eaters and there is a wide range of organic produce available in shops and supermarkets.

Making friends

Being a student in the UK is about relaxing and having some fun as well as working. UK institutions provide great social opportunities for students. You are likely to have the opportunity to join all sorts of activities that can help you settle in, express yourself, relax and have some fun. Sports teams, drama groups, summer barbecues, cinema trips ... it's up to you.

International students from all over the world tell us about how easily they make new friends from all over the world.

In your spare time

The UK has an amazing cultural scene which will be all around you wherever you choose to study. The UK is a great place for music of all types, with many artists and bands playing local student venues. There are cinemas, museums, art galleries, theatre - often offering discounts for students. Don't forget traditional festivities too, like Christmas, Burns Night, Bonfire Night, and Eisteddfod in Wales.

For something a bit more energetic, most towns and cities have good quality, modern sports facilities and many schools offer organised sports activities. The UK also offers a beautiful landscape for walking, climbing, cycling, mountain-biking and running.

Wherever you study you'll find places to enjoy with friends or by yourself.