Qualifications & career prospects

What kinds of qualifications are there?

Almost all of our accredited language centres offer courses that lead to internationally-recognised qualifications.

An English language course is a great investment for your future, whether you want to improve your CV and career prospects or you are preparing for further study. The UK also offers a wide range of professional and vocational qualifications.

To find out more about qualifications, visit the learning and exams pages of the British Council website.

When you have finished your English language course

Have you thought about what you would like to do when you finish your English language course?

English language skills are particularly valuable if you are attracted to a career in an international organisation. The UK education system also offers great educational opportunities for further study once you have passed your course.

If you choose to study further, there are a wide range of options that include vocational training or programmes for pre-university, degree, postgraduate and doctorate level learning. You can find out more about further study options on the Education UK website.