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To make it easier to access our trainer's expertise, we have arranged a set of webinars to help centre staff get support and training from the ease and comfort of their own desk. All our webinars are free and are accessible below to watch again.


Young Learners English UK: who are we?

This free webinar with Neil McLoughlin will tell you all about Young Learners English UK, a special interest group of English UK for accredited providers of quality English language courses for Young Learners. 


Self-management skills for 2021 and beyond

Recorded 18 February 2021
In this webinar George Pickering outlined key considerations and tools for improving your working efficiency and effectiveness.


Safeguarding in the summer and safeguarding

The webinar was recorded on Wednesday 22 May 2019 with Kevin O'Donnell

Risk Assessments and safeguarding Q&A

This webinar was recorded on 5 February 2019 with Kevin O'Donnell

Adequate risk assessments are a vital part of running any school. This webinar will give you tips and ideas to make sure you are risk assessed ahead of the busier times of the year.

Safer recruitment and safeguarding Q&A

This webinar was recorded on 11 December 2018 with Kevin O'Donnell

Thinking ahead to next Easter and summer, what should centres be aware of when recruiting staff? What can centres get in place now to ensure recruiting is safe and follows inspection guidelines?

British Council inspections: understanding safeguarding issues around recruitment

This webinar was recorded on 27 October 2017 with Nigel Heritage.

Focus on safeguarding after the summer

This webinar was recorded on 20 September 2018 with Kevin O'Donnell

Now the summer season has finished, what is good to work on now to make sure lessons are learnt, policies stay up to date, and we maintain best practice?