Inward missions

Inward missions give agents the opportunity to gain direct experience of English language education in the UK. Visit English UK member centres, meet staff and students, and experience what different regions of the UK have to offer.

English UK inward missions focus on different parts of the UK. They include a workshop day of scheduled appointments and visits to English UK member centres in the region.

Agents can meet course providers and view the excellent facilities that accredited centres have to offer, giving them real insight into learning English in the UK. Its the perfect way to start new partnerships with English UK member schools, and fulfil the needs of potential students more effectively.

Inward missions are free for agents - English UK covers the cost of all accommodation, food and travel during the trip. As an agent, you are only expected to pay for your flight to the UK and any personal expenditure.

If you would like to join an inward mission in the future, please email Roz Rozidor.