English UK at ICEF Dubai

English UK is an accredited Trade Challenge Partner (TCP), securing Department for International Trade (DIT) Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) support to subsidise UK educators' attendance at some face to face overseas events. One supported event is ICEF Dubai 2021.

Last updated: 15 October 2020

Education is GREAT at ICEF Dubai

Apply for a TAP grant to get funding towards joining us in the Education is GREAT branded village, promoting the UK education offer on-site at ICEF Dubai.

Taking place on 9 - 11 February, ICEF Dubai is a major networking forum for international education. It draws delegates from the  territories of the Middle East and North Africa, helping education institutions target expert recruitment agent partners within this region. The event includes seminars, informal networking and pre-scheduled meetings. 

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Tradeshow Access Programme

The Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) provides grants to eligible small to medium-sized UK enterprises (SMEs) to offset some costs of attending selected overseas events. This funding can help your business gain:

  • Market knowledge.
  • Experience in attending and using events as a key tool in business development plans. Taking part can be an effective way to test markets, develop agent relationships and make sales.
  • Advice and support from trade experts. 

TAP grants for ICEF Dubai

English UK is an accredited Trade Challenge Partner (TCP) and, on behalf of Department for International Trade (DIT), is collecting applications for TAP grants for ICEF Dubai 2021.

There are 8 TAP grants available. These will be allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis. 

Each grant is for £2,000 and paid after the event. The full price of an educator table including one representative is €4,400.

The tables booked with TAP support will be positioned in an Education is GREAT branded village (pavilion) on-site in Dubai helping UK educators that would otherwise be unable to attend, to join and gain exposure.


Am I eligible?

DIT funds aim to make something happen that would not happen otherwise. The TAP grant is therefore NOT intended for businesses that are already committed to taking part in ICEF Dubai 2020. Rather, the grants are to help UK educators that would otherwise be unable to attend this year, to join. 

Attendance at past editions of ICEF Dubai will not have an impact on eligibility for these TAP grants.

Who can apply?

Detailed information on eligibility and the full Terms and Conditions are given in the Tradeshow Access Programme Exhibitor Terms and Conditions.  But briefly, a company must:

  • Be based in the UK (excluding Isle of Man or the Channel Islands) and be interested in promoting your educational services/ products onsite in the Education is GREAT village at ICEF Dubai in UAE.
  • Be a UK registered SME or UK university, UK government funded centre of higher or further learning or UK government funded research organisation.
  • Have received less than 6 TAP grants since 1 April 2009.
  • Wish to grow exports beyond the European Union (EU) or in up to six markets within the EU.

How do I apply for a TAP grant? 

Stage 1 

Read, complete and return both the (1) TAP Grant Exhibitor Application Form and (2) TAP Grant Exhibitor Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) to Roz at English UK ASAP (and no later than 8 weeks before the event).

Complete the TAP grant application documentation (but read our guidance notes first) and return to English UK.
Stage 2 

On receipt of a correctly completed TAP Grant Application form, Roz will check and process it, liaising with you on incomplete or inaccurate sections, if needed.

You'll receive written confirmation if you are eligible and if your application form has been APPROVED or rejected.

Learn the status of your TAP grant application from English UK.
Stage 3

If your TAP Grant Application form has been APPROVED, book your table in the Education is GREAT village at ICEF Dubai.

You will receive confirmation and an invoice for the total amount of the event attendance (€4,400) from ICEF. 

If approved, apply to ICEF. Receive the invoice for your attendance.
Stage 4 Once you have paid your event attendance, you'll gain access to the software to schedule your meetings (in person and virtual) and be able to attend the event in Dubai. Pay ICEF's invoice, schedule your meetings and attend the event.
Stage 5 Complete the TAP Grant Feedback Form English UK will send you. This is mandatory and it will have to be returned to the indicated email address within seven days from the event. Return the completed TAP grant feedback form to DIT.

Stage 6

Shortly after ICEF Dubai, and subject to a company having met the DIT Terms and Conditions, English UK will submit the group TAP claim. The DIT pays English UK and we then pay each of the 8 recipients their respective grant.  Receive the £2000 TAP grant via English UK. 
Stage 7

Advise English UK periodically of any 'Export Wins' resulting from your participation.

English UK are now required to collect and submit to DIT details of any business achieved by a TAP participant as a result of their participation at an event. This will be via an online questionnaire and will be completely confidential.

Report successful bookings. 

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