ESL - Idiomas en el extranjero
Contact Juan Antonio Pedraz Araujo
Address Calle Princesa, 2, Planta 7, Oficina 7, Madrid, 28008
Country Spain
Telephone +34 91 1150441

ESL is an international agency with its head office in Switzerland and offices in different countries in Europe and Latin America. Since 1997 ESL has specialised in study abroad programmes for different student profiles (juniors, adults, professionals, teachers, families). ESL offers tailor-made language and educational programmes in partnership with the finest and most established language schools in the UK. ESL's portfolio also features the widest choice of languages and destinations around the world. With more than 20 languages and 250 destinations, ESL works closely with selected partner schools to offer innovative programmes and a high quality of service for the right price. All ESL counsellors have extensive travel experience, have studied abroad and have personally visited a large number of ESL partner schools. All schools are regularly visited and inspected by ESL. ESL services include conferences, face-to-face counselling interviews, language level assessment and all registration and organisation steps for courses, accommodation, travel, insurance, visas, as well as customer care support. Every action within the company is thought of in terms of its global impact, which directly influences company policy. We take social responsibility seriously and encourage our partners to share our values and actions in terms of sustainable development.

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