Esse Education Consultancy
Contact Eser Tuncay
Address Guvenevler Mh 1917, Sok Dganyildiz Is Merkezi No 16 E, Blok K2, Buro 10, Mersin, Yenisehir, 33140
Country Turkey
Telephone +90 324 3280662

ESSE Agency was founded on 1 September 2005 in the southern part of Turkey. ESSE agency was the representative of EDUMAR Istanbul. From 1st September 2010, we have announced our agency name as ESSE Education Consultancy. In Europe, we send our students to the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland and Malta. We also send our students to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China and India. Since 2007, ESSE Agency has started sending students mostly to Canada. We send our students to summer schools, language schools, high schools and undergraduate - postgraduate institutions. Our agency has three full-time and three part-time employees. We provide the full service to our students such as giving free advice to the students regarding education programmes, placements, preparing visa documents and visa applications, flight ticket organisation and translation services.

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