Arabia Centre of Technology (ACT)
Contact Bahjat Abdel-Hadi
Address AlKhonaini Building - Mezzanine Floor - King Saud Street, - Unit 3 - A, Dammam, Eastern Province, 32241-8529
Country Saudi Arabia
Telephone +966 13 8339905

ACT specialises in providing you with the means necessary for you to build up your career and your future step by step. We bridge the gap between you and the academic institutions so that you can have a quality education in a suitable location. We believe our role here at ACT is to help you help yourself. We supply all the information needed for you to make an informed decision for your future and your career. We provide you with all the prospectuses and information provided to us from the academic institutions in order for you to make the correct choice. At ACT we have the utmost care for our clients, and if they encounter any obstacles or complications, we do our best to help them in every way we can. Nothing matters more to us than the satisfaction of all our clients. Here at ACT we see a future where our society's educational and professional standard can be in unison with that of western countries. We want to be part of that future by helping individuals achieve their potential, both on an intellectual and a professional level. We see ourselves being the primary source for all the information you need to achieve that potential in the KSA. It is our ultimate vision that our actions reflect our commitment to the principle-centred conduct that our clients deserve and which shall remain the hallmark of ACT.

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