Gulf Wings Limited
Contact Fawaz Barashi
Address 312 The Bar, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE1 4BA
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +447414722226

Live2Learn/Gulf Wings is a Saudi Arabian education consultancy firm, founded in Jeddah in 2014. Our operations have expanded since then, with an office in Newcastle upon Tyne offering more advanced services, including travel agency options (Gulf Wings). UK registration No. 11297459.

We cater primarily to citizens of the Gulf region who are seeking to travel to the UK for educational purposes and are a specialized agent/advisor in providing guidance to prospective students interested in attending higher education Institutions in the UK. Our services include consultation on education, transportation, accommodation, financial matters, VISA issues, and living in the UK.

We aim to assist students comprehensively throughout their educational journey, meeting their individual intellectual needs. The founder of the company has had successful relationships with education centres in the UK for many years, and previously worked as a sales director for Saudi Airlines.

We provide various types of educational services to approximately 100+ students annually at different levels of education.

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