Public affairs & visas

Public affairs and help with visas

English UK and its public affairs

A great deal of our work involves lobbying on behalf of our members, international English Language students, and the industry in the UK. As part of this, we work closely with other organisations in the UK and abroad and keep in close touch with MPs, officials and governments.

We work closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the teaching of English to international students, sit on the Joint Education Taskforce set up by the Home Office and promote international student mobility through our membership of the UKVisas User Panel.

We helped establish the English Language Promotions Group with the British Council, Visit Britain and UK Trade & Investment to promote the UK as a study destination.

We are a founder member and Board member of the Tourism Alliance, the industry voice for the UK's tourism sector.

For a full list of the organisations with which we work, click here.

Help with visas

If you believe one of your students has been unfairly refused a visa, please send a copy of the refusal notice signed by the entry clearance officer. This should be sent to Naadiya Rawat, our Public Affairs, Policy and Research Manager, on

We collate this information into a dossier with other refusal notices, so that we can present the Home Office with evidence about where problems are arising. The Home Office will not investigate claims without this information.

We also recommend that members should complain individually to the Entry Clearance Manager (ECM) at the post, with a well-reasoned and courteous but firm explanation of why the Entry Clearance Officer's (ECO's) rationale is unreasonable, copied to us and to the Home Office. 

Refused students should submit a request for an Administrative Review at thier visa office

Register of Sponsors

English UK is not notified of suspension or revocation of sponsor licences by the Home Office. If your licence has been revoked or suspended, contact us immediately so that English UK can help you with representations with Home Office. Send all relevant communications and documents to Naadiya Rawat

Please click here to see the Register of Sponsors.