Specialist safeguarding for designated lead (formerly level 3)

Specialist safeguarding for designated lead (formerly level 3)

Why attend this training day?

The Accreditation UK Scheme requires every member organisation to have sufficient staff trained as Designated Safeguarding Leads so there is 24x7 cover. At least one of these should be from the organisation's senior management team so that responsibility for safeguarding is understood from the very top. The DSL takes the main role in the organisation's safeguarding provision.

This training is tailored for ELT; whether your centre is for juniors only or is a year-round adult school that takes some 16 and 17 year olds. Using practical exercises, including ELT case studies, trainees will better understand the types of safeguarding issues they may face and how to deal with them. A key element of this half-day course is knowing how local authorities operate and their relationship to language schools.

What does it cover?

  • Overview of responsibilities
  • Managing the team of designated staff with safeguarding responsibilities
  • Training – for all adults associated with your under 18s
  • Managing an allegation or child protection incident, including contact with relevant local authorities
  • Understanding the thresholds for referral and the needs of vulnerable children
  • Prevent requirements against terrorism (for all ages)
  • Maintaining a safer school – ongoing development of better safeguarding practices
  • Application of safeguarding to your situation

Learning outcomes

  • Improved understanding of the DSL role
  • Practical suggestions on how to meet responsibilities successfully
  • Certificate stating you have been trained in Specialist Safeguarding for the Designated Lead

Participants must have completed advanced safeguarding for designated staff (formerly Level 2) training, to attend specialist safeguarding training (formerly level 3).