Foyle International
연락처 Aine Murray
주소 17-21 Magazine Street, Derry, Londonderry, BT48 6HH
지역 Northern Ireland
전화 +44 28 71371535
팩스 +44 28 71371534
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Learn English in Northern Ireland with Foyle International and experience "The Best of Both Worlds".

Foyle International is based in Derry City, the cultural heart of Northern Ireland, and the first ever UK City of Culture (2013). Derry has a rich and interesting history and is renowned for its culture, literature and music. The school was founded 1990 by the present director Mr Paul Murray and is the oldest private language school in Northern Ireland. The school is British Council accredited and works consistently to maintain a standard of excellence.
Foyle offers professional courses, academic preparation programmes as well as the international summer school, Internships and Vocational training, TEFL Teacher Training.

  • 코스 정보
  • All English Courses

    코스 유형 A. 일반 & 집중 영어
    시작 일정 연중, 1월, 2월, 3월, 4월, 5월, 6월, 7월, 8월, 9월, 10월, 11월, 12월
    코스 기간 조정 가능, 1-3주, 3-8주, 9-12주, 12주 이상, 6개월, 1년
    연령층 16-18, 18-22, 23+
    코스 시간 조정 가능
    수업료 £100-199
    수업 규모 12
    초보자 가능? 아니오