Annual General Meeting

The English UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place every year in May. Our next AGM will take place on Friday 17 May 2024, as part of our annual Members' Conference which is taking place in London and online.

What happens at the AGM

At the Annual General Meeting members:

  • receive and endorse annual reports from the trustees including the annual report, financial accounts and complaint cases heard by the Ombudsman.
  • find out the results of the board election
  • vote on any proposed changes to the association's rulebook or constitution (including the Articles of Association)
  • consider any conference motions raised by fellow members
  • consider any nominations for honorary members or fellows
  • discuss other matters that affect the entire organisation.

During the meeting, members are encouraged to vote on matters on the agenda and ask questions. 

2024 meeting agenda and papers

The 2024 AGM agenda and papers will be available in April.

2023 meeting agenda and papers

English UK 2023 Annual General Meeting: Agenda Members Members Members

English UK 2022 Annual General Meeting: Draft Minutes Members Members Members

English UK Limited: Trustees' report and financial statements for 2022 Members Members Members

English UK Enterprises Limited: Directors' report and financial statements for 2022 Members Members Members

English UK 2022 Ombudsman Report Members Members Members

To request documents from previous AGMs please email the membership team.