Work at a summer school

Work at an international summer school in the UK

Work at an international summer school in the UK

Help deliver a great summer experience for students learning English in the UK

English language schools across the UK are looking for staff to join their summer school teams.

Help give international students an unforgettable summer in the UK while they improve their English language skills. There are programmes for juniors, older teenagers or young adults.
Duties include leading activities, supporting students, helping with accommodation and organising excursions and social events.

Why work at an international summer school?

  • develop transferable skills: customer-service, cross-cultural communication, leadership
  • be part of a sociable, friendly team
  • meet people from all over the world
  • great chance to save money over the summer
  • organise activities for students that match your interests and skills
  • opportunities for promotion next summer or beyond

Work at an international summer school UK duties

What will my duties be?

Most summer schools need staff to work flexibly to cover a number of roles supporting their students.

Activity & events

Alongside English language lessons, summer schools provide a programme of social, sporting and arts activities for students. You'll help prepare and lead activities, often based on your interests and skills.

Running excursions

Summer programmes include day trips and sometimes longer excursions. You might help plan and lead these trips.


You might help with coordinating student arrivals, managing small budgets & planning weekly activity timetables.

Student welfare

You'll help ensure the wellbeing of students during their stay. New students arriving each week need collecting from the airport and help with settling in.

If you stay at a student residence you may need to supervise waking up, 'lights out' and mealtimes.

Skills required:

  • confident, friendly, clear communication
  • love of planning and organisation
  • enthusiatic and flexible team-work
  • caring and responsible
  • appreciation and sensitivity to other cultures

Work at an international summer school UK find your summer job

Find a job at an international summer school in the UK

There are job opportunities at international summer schools across the UK.

Junior programmes are often based at boarding school or university campuses. Summer schools can also be found in tourist towns and city centres.

What will you earn?

Expect to earn between £300 and £600 a week depending on the role, hours and any relevant experience.

When comparing options, look at the number of hours, duties and if accommodation is included.
Most roles require long hours: you'll work weekends and some evenings, usually with one day off a week. In return, you'll have a guaranteed summer income, make new friends and have a great experience.

Staff benefits

  • accommodation and full board is often included
  • fixed-term contracts with guaranteed hours
  • full training provided

How to find your summer job

Search for 'international summer activity leader' on any of the major job search sites including Indeed and Glassdoor, or using Google.

Or use the English UK language centre directory to visit school websites where vacancies will be listed:

We recommend you work for an English UK member centre, so you know that they meet high standards of student welfare and management.