About English UK

English UK is the national association of accredited English Language centres, and the world's leading language teaching association. We are a UK-registered charity with the key aim of advancing the education of international students in the English language.

We have 400 members, all fully-accredited language-teaching centres in the state and private sector. We work to represent their interests, promote the UK market, and to ensure that students get the best standards of teaching and care. We also work with a range of partners, including Government bodies and the best study abroad agents, in the interests of members, students and the industry.

We also have corporate members who work in the industry, and partner agencies which are based all over the world.

Our activities are wide-ranging and include major international events such as StudyWorld London, joint management of the Accreditation UK scheme so that students and agents can choose our members' courses with confidence, specialist training and conferences for member centres, fairs and inward missions, and lobbying governments and other bodies.

English UK was created in 2004 from two established language centre organisations and has grown steadily. The English UK logo is a sign of quality: all our members must pass one of the world's most rigorous inspection schemes, Accreditation UK, which we manage jointly with the British Council.

We believe it is vital to keep standards high: around 35 per cent of all students travelling abroad to study English choose to come to the UK, more than 600,000 every year. They are attracted by the UK's reputation for excellent English language teaching, the worldwide recognition of British qualifications, and the opportunity to experience British culture alongside their language learning.

What we offer...

To agents

  • Work more closely with us: our Partner Agency Scheme is for study abroad professionals highly recommended by our members
  • We keep you informed: with regular newsletters and a website agent area
  • Meet our members: on inward missions, small fairs and Fam Trips

To students

  • Quality: We guarantee the quality of all our member centres, which have to pass tough regular inspections including teaching, progression, welfare and accommodation.
  • Choice: use the course finder tool on this website (in 11 languages) to choose between thousands of courses and find one that's right for you. There is also lots of information on our student area, and in the student brochure we produce with the British Council.  
  • Protection: Studying at an English UK member school means there is a complaints procedure if there are any problems, and you are protected if your study centre closes. (Both these events are very rare.)

To members and corporate members

Members get access to StudyWorld, small fairs and inward missions, training, conferences, business support, news updates, industry reports and more.

Corporate members have many chances to promote their businesses to the wider membership.

To industry

  • Lobbying: we work closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the teaching of English to international students, sit on the Joint Education Taskforce set up by the Home Office and promote international student mobility through our membership of the UKVisas User Panel.
  • Promotions: we helped establish the English Language Promotions Group with the British Council, VisitBritain and UK Trade & Investment to promote the UK as a study destination. We are a founder member and Board member of the Tourism Alliance - the industry voice for the UK's tourism sector.