Why study English in the UK?

We love to welcome students from all over the world. Every year, 550,000 people come to learn English language in the UK. Here are just a few reasons why they choose to study here...

Learn English faster with great teachers

In the UK you will study English with experienced, qualified teachers. You will learn new language each day and practice with other students. You will have lots of speaking practice to improve your communication skills.

Immerse yourself in British English

When you learn English language in the UK you will learn about different British accents, phrases and vocabulary. English is a global language and it is interesting to learn different styles of speaking. Teachers will always speak clearly so students can understand. 

Increase your confidence and improve your fluency in real-life situations - you will hear and speak English all the time, both inside and outside the classroom.

"Learning English in another country changes your life. You have so many experiences that make you grow as a person and learn more about yourself. Learning English helps you to get a good job or have a good education, but having the opportunity to learn in another country changes your life much more than you think is possible." - Caroline, from Brazil

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Have amazing adventures in the UK and Europe

The UK is a small country with good public transport. It is easy to explore the UK and Europe by bus, train and plane. Spend a weekend in Scotland or Cornwall, Paris, Ireland, Barcelona or Amsterdam. Most language centres organise regular trips if you want to travel with a group. 

Visit our medieval castles, royal palaces, calm lakes, green spaces and beautiful old cities.

Enjoy British culture and attractions

The UK has culture for every taste. From Shakespeare to Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes to Games of Thrones, The Beatles to One Direction. You can visit fantastic museums, famous filming locations or see live music and theatre at our cultural institutions.

More than 100 study locations

We have the perfect study location for everyone. There are accredited English language centres all over the UK in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. You can study in a big modern city, a historic small town, by the seaside or in a country village.

Fun holiday courses for young learners

Each year, thousands of children and teenagers come to the UK for our fantastic holiday English courses.

Our schools and universities are the perfect locations for students to live, learn and have fun together.  There are lots of great activities, including sports, art, music and visits to local attractions. Young learners are well-protected: they are always supervised and there are strict rules to ensure students under 18 years stay safe when they are in the UK.