English UK Partner Agency status is a badge of recognition for established study abroad agencies around the world who work with English UK members centres and promote the UK as an English language learning destination.

 To join the scheme, an agency must demonstrate that it has developed successful partnerships with a number of English UK member centres, is engaged with the work of English UK and follows the principles of our agency code of conduct

What are the benefits of becoming a partner agency?

English UK partner agencies stand out in a competitive market. Benefits include:

  • The right to use a partner agency logo on your website and marketing and other material
  • An official partner agency certificate and access to exclusive marketing materials
  • A profile in the English UK partner agency directory, referring students and English UK members directly to you
  • Preferential access to selected English UK events and activities
  • Regular updates and free help and advice on UK visas

Can we join?

If you have sent students to three or more English UK member centres in the last 12 months, you are invited to become a partner agency. All you need to do is complete the simple application process and pay a small administration fee.

Interested? Join us in just three steps

1. Tell us more about your business in the online business profile form linked below

2. Provide three references from English UK member centres: you should have sent students to these centres in the last 12 months

3. Attend an English UK event: if you have not attended an English UK event in the last two years, you should register to attend an upcoming event such as StudyWorld, an overseas event or inward mission.


Before you start

Be sure to contact your three references and ensure they are willing to act as your referee before completing the application form. It is also important that you understand English UK and agree to our code of conduct for partner agencies.

If you have any queries, contact us on

Costs, duration and renewal

  • Partner agency status is valid for two years
  • The subscription fee GBP 225.00 per agency for two years