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Last updated: Friday 23 October 2020

Campaigning for UK ELT

Campaigning and lobbying on behalf of the English language teaching industry is a key focus of English UK's work.

Our latest policy paper: how the Government can help kickstart UK ELT after Covid-19

UK ELT was hit earlier by the Covid-19 crisis than other sectors and we only expect a moderate level of recovery in confidence among student travellers and their families in 2021.

Our asks of Government are focused and targeted. They will help UK ELT to weather this storm, kickstart recovery and retain our position as the number one global destination for students to learn English.

Value of the UK English language teaching (UK ELT) industry

550,000 students bring in £1.4bn annually, creating 35,000 jobs. What's more, English language teaching underpins our £20bn international education sector.

80% of students told us they planned to return to the UK after their courses ended, for travel or further study.

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Campaign for business rates relief for UK ELT during Covid-19 pandemic

The English UK public affairs team is focused on getting our members through the Covid-19 crisis as well as working on longer-term issues to ensure the survivial of our industry.

While some local authorities have offered relief to our members, government guidance has been inconsistently interpreted and many language centres have missed out on this vital financial support. 


 Campaigning around the new Immigration Bill

Last updated: 23 October 2020

English UK prepared a memorandum and proposed amendment emphasising our key concerns around the new Immigration Bill and outlining the changes we would like to see to support UK ELT.

We want the Government to commit all future proposals around the immigration rules to expert scrutiny before making changes. 

The fight to keep ID card travel for EU juniors: what next?

English UK campaigned for an amendment to the Bill that would allow EU children who are under 18 to continue travelling to the UK on their ID cards. 

It was put to the vote in the House of Lords in early October, where it was rejected by a frustratingly small 14 votes. The Government has confirmed that all visitors will require a passport to enter the UK from 1 October 2021. 

Through unsuccessful, the campaign drew positive attention to our sector in the Lords and in response the Government has taken into account the importance of summer 2021 for the UK ELT sector. We are exploring the feasibility of collective passports for junior groups to help protect this important share of the UK ELT market.

Lobbying toolkit for members

We encourage members to lobby their MPs to raise awareness and support for our valuable industry:

Contact us at for any support or to tell us what you've been doing.


Who we work with

We work with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for international students; participate in the Home Office Education Sector Forum; attend Home Office international education group meetings; promote international student mobility through our membership of the Department for International Trade (DIT) working group; and keep in close touch with MPs, officials and key industry stakeholders.

We are also a founder and Board member of the Tourism Alliance, the industry voice for the UK's tourism sector.