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ELT Conference - April 2022

Our ELT Conference is the largest annual gathering of UK ELT leaders, academic managers and teachers. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss best-practice with industry peers as we look ahead to sector recovery. The theme of our 2022 ELT Conference is 'strong foundations, sustainable future'.

This year's hybrid conference is split into two separate programmes:

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ELT management programme: hybrid event on Friday 22 April

Venue: Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ

Connect with the UK ELT management community as we work towards sector recovery. This hybrid event will feature sessions on staff wellbeing, HR, teacher development, accreditation, service quality, product development, EDI and sustainability. 

Speakers and sessions

Matthew Burton

Our keynote speaker is Matthew Burton, the teacher who won the hearts of the nation on the hit TV documentary, Educating Yorkshire. Matthew is now headteacher at Thornhill Academy in Wakefield.

What we do, who we do it for, and why we do it. Matthew Burton will reflect on the unique role of the educator in 2022, reminding us why we get up in the morning to do what we do.

Louise Goux Wirth

Creating a safe space for everyone to thrive: What does "bring your authentic self to work" mean through an EDI lens? Louise Goux-Wirth will talk about creating a culture where everyone can be their authentic selves and share best practice recommendations to help us turn ideals into reality.

Louise Goux-Wirth is an award-winning equality specialist with 13+ years experience in delivering culture change through strategy and programme development, training and stakeholder engagement.

Ann h170

Differentiating ELT products and services in a crowded space. Stand out in the crowd and leverage opportunities to suit your brand. Ann Hawkings will look at how to differentiate your ELT products and services in a mature, commoditised market by adopting a customer value-driven strategy that considers international market segmentation.

Ann Hawkings has over 20 years' experience in sales and marketing within the language travel industry and now works as a consultant.

Celine Aloe

Service quality – how to maintain it when teams are tired, reduced or completely new. You had an excellent reputation pre-Covid that you are determined to uphold but the pandemic has left you with a much smaller team, or lots of new inexperienced team members and everyone is carrying a heavier load than before. The challenge we face as an industry is to be at our best when the numbers of students start to flood back in, but our resources are at an all-time low.

Celine Aloe is co-founder and managing director of UKLC.

Fiona h170.jpg

Managing your team's professional development and wellbeing in turbulent times. During the recent pandemic we have seen a real need for immediate and effective professional development to help keep schools afloat in turbulent times. Fiona Dunlop will look at how we have maintained good team morale whilst ensuring that our teams are developing to their full potential.

Fiona Dunlop has over 30 years worldwide experience in the field of English language training and is one of English UK's DELTM trainers.

Jonathan Dykes

Shrinking your carbon footprint (and enhancing the image of your school) Language schools need to step up and ensure that they are doing everything they can to lessen the impact their activities have on the environment; and reducing their carbon footprint is a relatively easy and painless way to get going. Jonathan Dykes will outline various steps you can take (without breaking the bank) which could benefit the school, as well as the environment.

Jonathan Dykes is one of the founders of Green Standard Schools.

Liz McLaren Stuart Pollard

Update on British Council inspections 2022 with Liz McLaren and Stuart Pollard

Whether your language centre is now for inspection in 2022 or you're just interested to hear how things are going, this session will give you more information on how inspections are adapting to current challenges. 

Gill Davidson David Byrne

Putting our teachers at the centre of their development

Gillian Davidson and David Byrne of EC English have implemented a teaching training system for new and existing teachers, to ensure they are supported in a way that considers the wide variety of knowledge and experience in staffrooms. In this session they will discuss how they created a more personalised approach to training and development. 

Andy Gaskins Sally Jones

Measuring up? Assessing teaching quality

Andy Gaskins & Sally Jones of St. Giles will explore ways to assess the quality of teachers and teaching in ELT, looking at how different types of observations may be used to make objective measurements of teaching standards. They will also cast the net beyond these fundamentals, asking what other measures might be available to help us assess how our teaching teams meet the wider needs of our students and our schools.

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English UK member prices: £170 (in-person attendance) / £95 (online attendance)

Full price (non members): £250 (in-person or online)

Registration note: when registering please select either 'at venue' or 'online' attendance. Members should enter their member number as the promo code to access the member discount. There is no need to register separately for the teaching practice programme.

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If you are interested in exhibiting at the venue, please contact Siobhan Baccas

English UK member price: £695 + VAT

Non-member price: £895 + VAT


ELT teaching practice programme: online event on 27 & 28 April

Our free ELT teaching practice programme takes place online over two afternoons on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 April. Teachers and academic managers based in the UK and from around the world are welcome to register.

Our 2022 programme will focus on supporting newly-qualified teachers and those who need to rebuild their confidence before stepping back into the ELT classroom. Build your teaching skills, learn how to integrate technology into the classroom and connect with your ELT teaching peers. 

Sessions include:

  • Material development and use in the classroom
  • Making remote learning feel less remote
  • Ways to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the ELT classroom
  • Teaching motivation ways to give your classes 'zing'
  • Collaboration for teacher learning and innovation
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Past ELT Conference feedback

"It's the most important event in the EFL calendar!"
- Susanna Wright, Stafford House London

"Inspiring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable speakers that can only enhance the individual teachers, the management, the language schools and most importantly the students themselves"
Duncan Cotton, Kent School of English

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