Fettes Centre for Language and Culture
الاتصال Jay Buckham
العنوان Carrington Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH4 1QX
المنطقة Scotland
الهاتف +44 131 3116971
الفاكس +44 131 3323081
الموقع الإلكتروني www.fclcedinburgh.com
البريد الإلكتروني j.buckham@fettes.com
Facebook facebook.com/fclcedinburgh/
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Welcome to Fettes Centre for Language & Culture (FCLC Edinburgh), a boutique English Language School at Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland. Established in 2006 and accredited by the British Council in our second year of operation we aim to provide an exceptional programme for our students. Our young learner programme is designed for children aged 10 to 13 years old and our young student programme is for those aged 14 to 17 years old.

Lessons take place in the morning for all students from Monday to Friday. The first Monday of every student’s programme begins with the placement test and by the end of the day everyone will be in the most appropriate class for their level. At FCLC we follow the CEFR system and label our classes from A1 to C1. Our aim is to provide a positive learning environment where English is the medium of communication and we mix the nationalities within classes.

Teachers follow a student-centred approach to teaching and learning English. Within the lessons there will be an emphasis on all the language skills within a workshop environment with particular attention being paid to vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.
All necessary materials are provided for use throughout the course and students will build up a portfolio of work in their folders to take away with them at the end of their course. All our classrooms have interactive whiteboards and there is access to computers and internet in all teaching buildings.

At FCLC opportunities to learn and use English do not end at the classroom door but continue in the cultural programme. A great variety of activities and excursions are organised in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. On two afternoons each week every class will visit Edinburgh city centre with their teacher to study attractions such as the Castle and the Museum of Scotland.

Students stay in the traditional or modern boarding houses located within the grounds of Fettes College. Each house is comfortable and homely, accommodating around 50 students plus staff who provide 24 hour supervision and care. Students stay in a mixture of single, twin and multi-bedded rooms with shared shower and toilet facilities.

  • معلومات حول الدورة التدريبية
  • Summer Intensive Junior Academic

    نوع الدورة أ. دورة اللغة الإنجليزية العامة والمكثفة.
    شهور العمل يوليو, أغسطس
    مدة الدورة التدريبية: 1-2 أسابيع, 3 – 8 أسابيع
    الفئة حسب السن دون 12 عام, 12-16, 16-18
    مدة الدورة 21-25
    رسوم الالتحاق £300-449
    حجم الفصل 14
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