TASIS - The American School in England
연락처 Jennifer Yeadon
주소 Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe , Surrey, TW20 8TE
지역 South and South East England
전화 +44 1932 582382
웹 사이트 www.tasisengland.org
이메일 uksummer@tasisengland.org
Facebook facebook.com/tasisengland
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센터 설명

TASIS is a coeducational, international summer school located on a beautiful 35-acre campus 45 minutes from central London and 15 minutes from London Heathrow airport.

The campus facilities are fully residential and comprise classrooms, library, dining hall, gymnasiums, fitness centre, theatre, art studios, music rooms, modern computer labs, tennis courts and extensive outdoor playing fields. Students from the ages of 11 - 17 years from over 35 different countries attend during the months of June, July and August. Airport transfers and medical insurance are included in the fee.

Intensive ESL courses are offered from beginning to advanced levels along with IELTS Review. Students also have the opportunity to take an additional class such as Graphic Design, Introduction to Robotics, Dance, Creative Art and Theatre Performance. Class sizes are small with approx 12 - 16 students per class.

The School also offers a wide range of sports such as tennis, horseback riding, archery, yoga and soccer. Weekend excursions to places of interest such as Oxford, Windsor, London, Brighton, Stonehenge are included, along with visits to London West End theatre to see Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Wicked, Mamma Mia.

  • 코스 정보
  • TASIS English Language Program

    코스 유형 G. 잉글리시 플러스
    시작 일정 6월, 7월, 8월
    코스 기간 3-8주
    연령층 12세 미만, 12-16, 16-18
    코스 시간 21-25
    수업료 £600-749
    수업 규모 14
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