The Cambridge Centre for Languages
연락처 Laura Chen
주소 4 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 8BB
지역 Eastern England
전화 +44 1223 470535
팩스 +44 1223 722169
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The Cambridge Centre for Languages has been providing high quality English language courses to students from all over the world since 1982. We offer a carefully balanced mixture of English language tuition, exciting activities and excursions to places of social, historic and cultural importance. Located in the university city of Cambridge, a world-renowned centre of learning, CCL is a British Council accredited school and a member of English UK. The school runs two concentrated blocks of courses per year - in the summer (July- August) and in the winter (Jan-Feb), specialising in young learners aged 9-17. Students generally stay for between 2 and 6 weeks within those blocks. Our summer school is based in St Mary’s, a private boarding school located within walking distance of Cambridge’s major attractions and bus/train stations. In the summer we can offer a choice of home stay or residential accommodation. In addition to traditional 'English + Activity' programmes, we can also offer 'English + Sports' and 'English + Coding'.

CCL is unique in that we employ local teenagers on our summer course, to assist in classes and accompany students on their social programme. This gives students the opportunity to gain a greater insight into life in the UK from a teenage perspective. It enables them to talk to people of their own age to find out what's hot and what's not in the UK, to share experiences and popular culture.
We also offer year round courses including 1-2-1, business English, preparation for English examinations, school group language week or school immersion programmes. We are extremely flexible on content and length of the courses. If you have special requirements, we can design specialist courses to meet your needs. Our team are experienced in designing bespoke language courses to satisfy a wide range of demands. Please contact us with your requirements to find out what we can offer.

The welfare of the students in our care is our highest priority and we have dedicated experienced staff on hand to ensure that students have a safe and pleasurable stay in the UK.

  • 코스 정보
  • English Language Activity Courses for Young Learners

    코스 유형 F. 청소년 단기 코스
    시작 일정 1월, 2월, 7월, 8월
    코스 기간 1-3주, 3-8주
    연령층 12세 미만, 12-16, 16-18, 18-22
    코스 시간 11-15
    수업료 £450-599
    수업 규모 16
    초보자 가능?