Manor Courses Ltd
الاتصال Nick Barnard
العنوان 8 Dean Court Rd, Brighton, Brighton & Hove, BN2 7DH
المنطقة South and South East England
الهاتف +44 1273 911377
الموقع الإلكتروني
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Twitter @Manorcourses
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Manor Courses has been providing residential summer courses for young students since 1970, organised by the Barnard family. We are dedicated to providing high quality tuition, excellent supervision in a safe and caring environment. Our courses are exclusively residential and for young learners and teenagers aged between 8 and 17.

Our courses are based at Hurst College, near Brighton, Sussex, UK. The campus accommodates 380 students and 60 teaching and supervisory staff including the Directors and 2 residential First Aiders. All facilities and activities are hosted on site. We provide a general English course: including a placement test, 18 hours of tuition per week in small classes and we provide tuition for all levels – beginner to advanced. All our English teachers have relevant qualifications, and provide fun, interactive and communicative lessons.

Our extensive activity programme is organised by activity leaders: we provide students the opportunity to play sports, be creative in our arts & crafts department, discover and develop talents in music, dance and drama on a regular basis. Participation on the activity programme is actively encouraged and provides students with a continual learning process.

Students live in single gender boarding houses on campus. Single or shared rooms are available. Each boarding house has a House Manager and an assistant that provides 24 hour supervision and pastoral care. English teachers and activity leaders also reside in each house, providing excellent supervision. We also provide full board – 3 healthy meals per day each with a choice of fresh and healthy food and 2 refreshment breaks.

Our excursions provide students with the chance to discover some of England’s most treasured, towns, cities and tourist attractions, with twice weekly sightseeing tours and shopping trips.

  • معلومات حول الدورة التدريبية
  • Residential English Summer Course

    نوع الدورة و- دورات صيفية للطلبة المبتدئين.
    شهور العمل يوليو, أغسطس
    مدة الدورة التدريبية: 1-2 أسابيع, 3 – 8 أسابيع
    الفئة حسب السن دون 12 عام, 12-16, 16-18
    مدة الدورة 16-20
    رسوم الالتحاق £450-599
    حجم الفصل 15
    المبتدئون المقبولون؟ نعم