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Last updated: 18 November 2019

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Online course for study abroad agents: introduction to UK ELT

This flexible training resource is for agents who work, or want to work, with English UK members. Participants will be able to confidently promote the UK as a premier English language study destination.

English UK supports agents with a range of free training resources relating to the UK's English language teaching industry. We want agents to be able to promote high quality English courses in the UK with confidence.

Who is the course suitable for?

This is a basic level course, suitable for agents who are new to promoting UK schools, and those who want to update their knowledge. Some topics (like visa advice and safeguarding rules) may also be useful for agents with more experience. Participants can choose which topics they want to study.

Focus on the topics that are useful for you

Do you want to refresh your UK student visa knowledge? Or are you looking for new UK destinations to promote?  Go straight to the topic you are interested in, and return whenever you want.

Course topics:

  • Intro to English UK and our student statistic​​​​​s
  • Reasons to choose the UK
  • Preparing students for their stay in the UK
  • Promoting the UK's regions
  • Choosing the right type of language centre
  • Best practice for student visa applications
  • Understanding Accreditation and Safeguarding
  • Working with new partners (advice for beginners)  

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Safeguarding briefing for group leaders coming to the UK

This webinar is for group leaders who are bringing a children or teenagers to study English in the UK.


  • what is safeguarding and who is responsible?
  • rules that protect students under 18 years old
  • what group leaders need to know and do: before departure, on arrival, and while they are supervising their group in the UK
  • how to prepare for a successful trip, to make sure your students stay safe and happy!

View webinar recording (presentation with audio, 26 minutes)

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