Student complaints procedure

Complaints against English UK language centres are rare. But we can help if things do go wrong.

Start by talking to your English UK centre

If you are studying English at an English UK member centre, there is a system for dealing with complaints.

You must start by explaining your problem to the right member of staff. Find out who to talk to by checking in your student handbook or asking at reception.

If you still have a problem, contact English UK.

If you are still unhappy after talking to your centre, please email us (in English) at to explain your problem. We will talk to you and your centre and try to find a solution that everyone is happy with. This process (called mediation) is usually successful.

If mediation does not work, we will refer your complaint to the English UK 'Ombudsman'. This person understands how ELT schools work, but is independent. The Ombudsman will listen to both sides, and the centre must do whatever they decide.

For more details, download our student complaints procedure information sheet.

Who can complain?

If you are not studying English at an English UK member centre, you cannot use this complaints system. You will have to ask what to do at your school, college or university.

In very rare cases, you may be studying on an English course at an English UK member centre which is not accredited. If so, you will not be able to use this complaints system.

We usually only act on complaints from individual students.

We can take complaints from agents if a booked group has experienced a problem, but we have the right to ask for complaints from individual students instead. This might be because the complaints of the group are too varied to be treated as one issue.

When can agents complain on behalf of students?

We will accept complaints from agents for a group if:

  • The agent has written permission from the students or their parents/next of kin to complain
  • The complaint is about the group's experience at the language centre, and is about something like accommodation, tuition, transport or activities. Other types of complaint, such as visa refunds, must be made by the individuals who are affected.

The agent can only ask for compensation for the students affected.