Student accommodation in the UK

It is easy to book accommodation when you book your English language course. The language centre will organise everything for you. But which type of accommodation is best for you? 

Homestay accommodation 

Homestay means students live with a friendly local person, and often their family. It is a good value option, and some meals are included. Students usually eat dinner with their host and practice English in the evenings.

You can choose half-board (with breakfast and dinner) or full board accommodation (with all meals included). Schools select their hosts carefully to ensure students are happy.

Meet a host couple, Cindy and David, who host students in Cardiff.

Student residences

Student residences are a popular choice for students who like to live independently. They usually have private bedrooms, and a shared kitchen and lounge area. 

Appartments are available in most cities and they are often located in the city centre. Luxury options include premium facilities, like en-suite bathrooms , cinema rooms and on-site gyms.

In smaller towns, students may have the option of sharing a house with other international students. 

Do you know where you want to study English?
  • Use our course finder to find the best place to study for you. If you have chosen a language school already, you can see the accommodation options, and photos, on their website.