English UK board & rules

English UK members are at the heart of everything we do. To ensure our members voices are heard, we encourage as many as possible to engage in how English UK is run and advised. We also have a member forum where owners, directors and staff of member centres can connect with each other to take part in peer-to-peer discussion, share information and ask advice. 

English UK boards, advisory groups and rules

English UK rules

Our rules cover categories of membership, the code of practice, board powers and duties and the procedure for elections, subscriptions and general meetings.

English UK boards and advisory groups

We have a board of trustees that meets at least four times a year, the Enterprises Board which meets at last three times per year, plus a finance panal and two advisory groups.


The English UK Board of Trustees

The English UK board of trustees and the chief executive are responsible for the conduct of the association's business outside the Annual General Meeting.

The board has 12 seats including a chair and vice-chair. Members serve for a maximum of three years and are eligible for re-election for a further period of three years. A rotation system retires at least one-third of the serving members each year. Elections take place at the AGM, which is usually in May.

Interested in becoming a trustee or joining a sub-board or advisory group and sharing your expertise? Get in touch with our chief executive, Jodie Gray.


01 Chair Phillips Steve

Steve Phillips is a managing director of the British Study Centres Group looking after Transnational Education and University Pathways. Steve has worked in the ELT industry for over 25 years as a school owner, in private higher education, and in the not-for-profit sector. He is TEFLQ (Cambridge Delta) and is a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Vice Chair

Rendell Mark Mark Rendell is the chief executive of International House London. He is the vice chair of English UK London, a member of Accreditation UK's Executive Board and has an MSc in ELT Management.


Jose Brinkmann is managing director and owner of Country Cousins, the school he studied at for many years as a child. He studied at university in York whist working as an activity leader. After eight years working for Ford Motor Company in London he decided he liked Country Cousins so much he bought it!

Jane Dancaster

Jane Dancaster is the principal and managing director of Wimbledon School of English and has been in ELT first as a teacher, then a manager, since 1983. She has been a director of English UK since it was formed in 2004, and was a member of Arels General Council before that.


Fraser Davis is senior operations director of EF International Language Centres, UK and Ireland. He has 20 years' industry experience in large and small institutions throughout the UK including as academic director at EF London. He also spent time as an EFL teacher in Germany and modern languages teacher in a state secondary.  


Shoko Doherty is CEO of Celtic English Academy. She has worked in the industry for 15 years, having first come to the UK as an international student. She has been an active committee member of English UK Wales for the past four years.

sarah Etchells 78x78

Sarah Etchells taught in Greece for five years before setting up her own summer language school for children and teenagers, English Country Schools. She is the joint chair of Young Learners English UK and has special responsibility for welfare.

p1gquKEGD6HyOtm088esdLjkphBoZ3jIsIIb8Hhz4+S1AF+PtGiKXDZeo5Tj0t1X7astEF7VAb1XGujyP4vSjPXlZLIKUAAAAAASUVORK5CYII= Nigel Paramor has worked with international students for nearly 30 years, including stints in Hong Kong and in senior management positions in three different further education colleges. He has been the principal of English in Chester since 2007.

Ella Tyler is managing director and owner of Hello! Exmouth. She studied French and Politics and started her career in PR and marketing in the corporate world. She bought Mountlands as a failing business and took the school from 60 students a year to over 2000 student weeks in 2016.

Catrin 78x78 Catrin Diamantino is the CEO of Bell English. She helped build EC into a global brand. Catrin says she wanted to join the Board to bring her expertise in global markets and sales at an important time for the industry "when we need to join together and speak with one voice to be heard and taken seriously."

Untitled design33

Chris Moonie founded the Mackenzie School of English in Edinburgh in 2008, and is now its director. Mackenzie ran young learners' programmes only until 2018, when it moved into larger premises and expanded to include adult classes. Chris began his career in youth work before moving into ELT and used his specialist knowledge to create innovative young learners' programmes.

Untitled design34

Spencer Fordham worked in marketing and advertising in national newspapers for a decade before moving into ELT. He founded the Capital School of English in Bournemouth in 2003 with his wife Paulina, and is now managing director. He has recently created Future Success, a pioneering two-week programme during which English students collaborate with local businesses and school students on real-world projects.

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The English UK Enterprises Board

The English UK enterprises board...


Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher founded EAC in 1991, and the company grew to become one of the largest accredited ELT providers in the UK. Andrew developed and lead the company though to the sale to TUI Travel PLC in 2009. He then founded OSCARS International, developing it and leading it through to sale in 2015. Throughout this time Andrew also operated OSCARS Childcare, an Edinburgh based company running after school clubs, breakfast clubs and holiday activity camp provision. Andrew founded OSCARS Childcare in 1992 and finialised the sale of the business in 2019.


Buckham Jay

Jay Buckham is head of business development at Fettes Enterprises Limited, Fettes College in Edinburgh, where he has worked for the last 14 years. Jay is a committee member of English UK Scotland and in his spare time works as a business development consultant, specialising in company re-branding.

MickDavis EUKEnterprisesBoard 80

Mick Davies is the director of Mick Davies Education, which provides education and training to higher education institutions around the world. Mick specialises in English for academic purposes programmes, teacher training and development, and specialist language courses for global companies.


Jodie Gray is chief executive of English UK. Jodie has a Chinese and Hindi degree from Cambridge University and is widely travelled, having visited nearly 40 countries during her 14 year career in international education. In January 2017, Jodie was seconded to the Department for International Trade's education sector team as the specialist for English language training. 


Paul Murray

Paul Murray is the director of Foyle International which he founded in 1990. He has been in the EFL industry for the past 27 years and is currently the vice chairman of English UK Northern Ireland.

Quinn Michael

Michael Quinn has been working in the ELT business for over 15 years with Centre of English Studies (CES). He is an owner and director of CES and has worked in nearly every role involved in the running of an ELT centre.

Shelan Rogers English UK Enterprises board member 200x200

Shelan Rodger is Regional Director EMEA at Kings Education. She joined teh Enterprises Board in June 2020 and has over 30 years' experience in international education and learning & development. Shelan has two published novels and is training as a drama therapist, with an interest in the creative application of arts therapies within the international education sector.

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The English UK Finance Panel

Michael Fullarton

Michael Fullarton is the head of schools at Eurocentres Foundation.

Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison is the former chief executive of The English Language Centre Brighton, which he joined in 1973. He is a past chairman of Arels and formed a major role in the formation of English UK.

Neil Low Neil Harvey is the chief executive of UKCE overseeing their businesses in the UK and Dubai. He has been in the for-profit education sector for nearly 30 years, working for major chains and start-ups. Neil has spent most of his time in the UK, Italy and Canada where he served on the board of Languages Canada.

Karen 80x80 Karen Smith-Watson works as a Portfolio Finance Director for The FD Centre, offering part-time FD services to SME businesses. Prior to this, she worked as CFO/Finance Director for a number of years for organisations in student travel, property and education. She is familiar with the ELT sector as she has previously been CFO for British Study Centres and Finance Director for TUI Travel plc's Education Division.

Gareth Mainwaring 80x80

Gareth Mainwaring is director of operations and development for the Birmingham International Academy (BIA) at the University of Birmingham. Following 12 years in government, including the Department for Education, he joined the HE sector. He has operational responsibility for the growth and delivery of Foundation Pathway, Presessional English and Insessional programmes at the university. He also worked with the university to open its first international branch campus in Dubai and continues to work on other TNE initiatives.

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The English UK Professional Development Advisory Group

Beverley Simon Head of operations on campus at Cambridge Education Group and Stafford House International

Chris Farrell (Chair) Head of teacher development at the Centre of English Studies

Sian Matos Principal at Tti School of English

Will Nash Academic director at the English Language Teaching Centre, the University of Sheffield

Nigel Paramor Principal at English in Chester

Anna Thatcher Principal at the Loxdale English Centre

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The English UK External Relations Advisory Group

Jane Dancaster

Wimbledon School of English

Nigel Paramor English in Chester

Kate Hargreaves Living Learning English

Val Hennessy

Margie Barker

Sue Edwards

Mark Allen

Sian Matos

Nicole Kennedy

Sarah Gore

Neil McLoughlin

Richard Simpson

Paul Murray

Shoko Doherty

Jodie Gray

Naadiya Rawat

Susan Young

Huan Japes (Chair)

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