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  • English UK’s ELT conference: rebuilding the industry better
    4 May 2022

    Improving CPD and equality, diversity and inclusion were at the heart of our first hybrid ELT conference.

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  • UK ELT in the news - concern over decline in international school groups
    25 April 2022

    Recent features in the Guardian, BBC South East Today and BBC Radio Sussex highlight concerns that post-Brexit passport requirements are discouraging international school group bookings - with a devastating impact on English language centres and tourist destinations across the country.

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  • The economic impact of the requirement for students on school trips to have passports
    22 April 2022
    Since the UK left the EU, it is now a requirement that all visitors to the UK from EU have a passport rather than using a National ID Card to gain entry into the UK.
    While there are understandable reasons why this move would improve the UK's security and prevent people from EU countries disappearing into the UK black economy, the impact of this policy of school students has been nothing short of catastrophic on this £3,2bn industry.
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  • Supporting Ukrainian refugees in the UK: RefuAid's Kate Higgins explains how ELT centres can help
    13 April 2022

    We have been overwhelmed by the generous offers from English UK members keen to help Ukrainian refugees improve their English skills.  

    For many, the best way to do this will be through our partnership with RefuAid. RefuAid supports refugees and asylum seekers to continue their education or career with structured support and English classes, usually leading to IELTS or OET. Around a hundred English UK members have offered free courses to RefuAid clients since 2015, many of them on an ongoing basis.  

    This month, we spoke to RefuAid's Chief Operating Officer Kate Higgins about how the organisation is adapting its offer to meet the additional need.

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  • Language schools appeal for Covid help from Scottish government
    9 March 2022

    The Scottish government is being urged to provide financial support already being given in England and Wales. 

    English UK Scotland has written to the government's Directorate for Covid Business Resilience and Support (SECBS) asking for its members to receive a share of a new fund provided by Westminster for businesses that have received no other Covid relief.

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