Study English in London

London is the UK's capital city and it's one of the most popular places in the world to study English.

The city's cultural attractions and entertainment options are endless: museums and galleries, historic buildings, famous department stores, food markets and parks.  

Three reasons to study English in London

#1 London is a city full of parks: 47% of the city is green space

London has eight Royal Parks and over 3,000 open spaces, making it one of the greenest capital cities in the world. It's easy to find a park and garden to relax in after your English lessons. 

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#2 London has world-class museums and galleries which are usually free to visit

This city is a cultural paradise for students on a budget. Some of the most popular free museums and galleries are Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, National Gallery and British Museum. 

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#3 London's markets are amazing places to explore at the weekend

If you love food, flowers, antiques or vintage fashion, you'll find an exciting market in London to visit.

Visit Borough Market for food from around the world, Camden Market or Spitalfields Market for clothes, Columbia Road Market for flowers and plants, Portabello Market for antiques and jewellery... and there are lots more to explore!

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Find the perfect English course for you in London

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