Choosing where you study

English UK has 400+ member English language centres, offering thousands of courses across our four nations - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Each nation and each region has something different to offer for living, studying and socialising. And wherever you study, the UK is easy to travel around with great links to Europe, so it is easy to explore. Find out more about travelling around the UK and Europe.

Come and immerse yourself in English, learning inside and outside of lessons the whole country is your classroom.

Discover more about the regions of the UK with our profiles below:


scotland 130

Well-known for its passion and friendliness, Scotland offers a strong and colourful culture, lively cities and spectacular landscapes...

eastern england 130

The East of England has lovely towns and villages, pretty countryside, quiet beaches, the city of Cambridge and it's very easy to get to London.

northern ireland 130

Northern Ireland is the smallest country in Britain, but it is full of history, culture and myth, with buzzing cities and an incredible variety of landscape and scenery.

london 130

London is packed with cultural attractions, shows and entertainment, and the chance to taste food and meet people from every part of the world.

northern england 130

The North of England has big cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York. But, it's also known for its rugged moorland, outstanding lakes, historic houses, walking, cycling and camping.

southwest england 130

The South West of England is famous for its green lands, elegant cities, myths and mysteries, as well as exciting cities of Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth, which are further south.

central england 130

Positioned in the middle of the country, Central England is home to the UK's second biggest city, Birmingham, and Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon...

south and southeast england 130

The South East of England is full of variety. With the university city of Oxford, the cathedral of Canterbury, the cliffs of Dover, and the nightlife of Brighton, there's something for everyone.

wales 130

Beautiful national parks, thousands of kilometres of coastline, castles, mountains and unspoilt beaches: what more reason do you need to study in Wales?