Agent briefings & webinars

Education agents and counsellors play an essential role in helping students make the right study choices. We support agents through offering learning opportunities to help agents feel confident about promoting UK ELT courses.

Briefings and webinars for agents

Our UK ELT briefings for agents and partners aim to build market confidence. The briefings often target a specific source market or region, enabling the content to be tailored to address specific context, needs and challenges. 

They are designed to keep partners informed and updated about studying English in the UK and include the up-to-date travel guidance and other insights that enable partners to access the information they need to advise their students with confidence.

Past webinar resources for agents

Find below a selection of presentations containing information and advice useful agents.  

UK ELT market update for Turkish agents
May 2023 

English UK was in Istanbul to support agents and partners who promote UK English language teaching (ELT), working together to rebuild confidence

Around 40 agents joined Huan Japes and English UK board members, Catrin Diamantino and Stephan Roussounis, for a networking lunch, conversation and a presentation sharing the latest updates and valuable insights. 

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Update on UK ELT from English UK at ALPHE Spain
January 2023

Download slides from English UK's special 30-minute Alphe Spain 2023 presentation on the UK ELT market which covered:

  • UK ELT sector recovery, market dynamics and outlook
  • English with Confidence campaign
  • UK quality assurance framework
  • Plus, information about the British Council's new, FREE agent training and engagement hub

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UK visa update for agents from Colombia and Peru
November 2022

The UK visa rules for visitors from Colombia and Peru changed on 9 November 2022. It's good news for students: a visa is no longer required for visits up to six months and study is allowed during the visit.

In this short webinar, English UK's visa expert Naadiya explains the new rules for visitors.

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> Read the questions agents asked and answers to them

An introduction to UK visas
May 2022

Presenters: Naadiya Rawat and Huan Japes (English UK)

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UK ELT briefing for Thai and Vietnamese agents and partners
December 2021

Presenters: Louise Gow and Naadiya Rawat (English UK), Audrey Rodgers (British Council)

In this webinar supported by TIECA, we shared the latest updates relevant to agents and partners in Vietnam and Thailand.

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UK ELT briefing for Brazilian agents and partners
November 2021

Presenters: Naadiya Rawat and Louise Gow (English UK), Liz McLaren (British Council)

We know clear and current information is vital in rebuilding market confidence. This webinar, supported by BELTA, helped Brazilian agents access the information they need, and provided an opportunity to ask us questions about studying English in the UK.

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UK ELT briefing for agents from Turkey and the Gulf states 
November 2021

Presenters: Naadiya Rawat and Roz McGill (English UK), Audrey Rodgers (British Council)

In this webinar, supported by UED and YEDAB, we shared the latest updates relevant to agents in Turkey and the Gulf to help them feel confident advising their students about studying in the UK.

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English with Confidence: UK ELT briefing for European agents
September 2021

Presenters: Roz McGill and Naadiya Rawat (English UK), Liz McLaren (British Council)

In this session we shared latest updates and valuable insights for agents in the EU, EEA, and Swiss markets.  

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