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  • Invest in your career and your centre's student management
    20 September 2018

    "Participants coming out of the Cert SSM know how to be well organised, meet deadlines and communicate well. It really is an investment in a person and their career," says Diane Phillips, a British Council inspector and Cert SSM trainer.

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  • The China Roadshow: is it the right marketing event for you?
    18 September 2018

    Want to do business in China, UK ELT's number two market?

    Our annual China Roadshow is popular with members who want to create more partnerships. This year it visits three major cities – Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen - over six days in November, meeting agents from each region pre-selected by our partners the British Council.

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  • Agents love post-StudyWorld ELT centre visits
    17 September 2018

    Agents from China and Latin America extended their StudyWorld experience with English UK trips exploring the South of England.

    Agents from several Chinese cities visited eleven English UK members in nine destinations around London, while a group from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina viewed eight ELT centres in the south and south-west.

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  • The Eddie Byers Fund supports language projects that transform people's lives.
    13 September 2018

    The fund has already helped several hundred UK refugees and asylum-seekers. Find out more about the projects and how you can help...

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  • Japan's ELT market: English UK's latest facts and figures
    13 September 2018

    Japan is the UK's eighth biggest ELT market with 4.4 per cent of student weeks and 2.8 per cent of student numbers overall, staying 5.8 weeks.

    Read on for highlights and insights about Japan from our 2018 Student Statistics report and other English UK sources, as part of a short series on our top sending markets.

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