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  • How does RefuAid's language programme help refugees resume their careers in the UK?
    21 October 2021

    1,500 asylum seekers are currently waiting for a place on RefuAid's language programme, to gain the qualifications they need to continue in their career or education.  

    We asked RefuAid's language lead, Mohib Ullah, to tell us more about his clients' journeys to the qualifications they need, and how English UK members can help.

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  • UKLC boosts Eddie Byers Fund
    15 October 2021

    Huge thanks to the team at English UK member UKLC who have handed over almost £3,500 to the Eddie Byers Fund.

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  • UK travel rule changes: 47 countries come off red list and more passengers are exempt from quarantine
    8 October 2021

    English UK welcomes the travel changes announced yesterday which will make it easier for more international students to travel to the UK.

    From Monday 11 October, 47 countries will come off the UK's red travel list. The only countries still on the red list will be Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

    Passengers arriving from all other countries need to quarantine in their accommodation for ten days, unless they meet the conditions to be exempt from quarantine. 

    Also on Monday, 37 new countries will be added to the UK's approved vaccine programme list. This will benefit all students under 18 years old from these countries, and any adults who are fully vaccinated with a UK-approved vaccine.

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  • Successful project to improve worldwide English teachers' skills returns at double the size
    7 October 2021

    We are inviting bids from member centres to help improve the confidence, language and teaching skills of English Teaching Association (ETA) members in 40 nations.

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  • Optimism returns at ELT marketing events thanks to travel rule changes
    1 October 2021

    Our business events last week received a welcome bounce from the lifting of Covid travel restrictions. StudyWorld autumn enjoyed extra last minute-agent bookings and the largest-ever educator numbers for an online event, while the mood at the face to face ELT Marketing Conference was more positive than at an English UK event since the pandemic began. 

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