UK ELT and the environment

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Turning green: an environmental action plan for the UK ELT sector

English UK's environmental action plan, published in January 2022, is our first environmental action plan. The plan acknowledges that English UK and the UK ELT sector can and must join the international movement for climate action and help protect our planet and our future.

We invite everyone in UK ELT to join us in taking urgent and impactful action to help address the climate and ecological crises. Together we can create and celebrate a green UK ELT sector.

What does English UK's environmental action plan cover?

We not only want to build a green culture at English UK, but to facilitate a green transformation in our sector too. Our environmental action plan looks both at the direct action we can take, like reducing English UK's emissions, and how we can use our platform to encourage and support environmental action across the UK ELT sector.

Our environmental action plan commits English UK to:

  • prioritising and resourcing environmental action
  • reducing our emissions and negative impact from energy, water, transport, consumption, and events
  • communicating our plans and actions, and leading by example
  • encouraging, helping and promoting member action
  • measuring and reporting the carbon footprint of our association
  • supporting, amplifying and promoting green UK ELT
  • lobbying for environmental action that supports our industry.

Read the full action plan > Turning green: an environmental action plan for the UK ELT sector.

Join our environmental action group

If you are committed to the goal of greening English UK and the UK ELT sector, please consider joining our environmental action group.

This advisory group is open to anyone in the English UK membership. We are looking for a diverse group representing different types of people, organisation and role. This is a voluntary role. If you are interested in joining our action group, register your interest with Eleanor Thomas.