Types of course providers

Which type of English language centre is best for me? 

Do you want to study English in the UK? You can find the perfect English course in a school, college or university. Each type of language centre offers a different experience. 

English language school

  • English language schools specialise in teaching English as a second language to international students.
  • Most English language schools are open all year, so they can offer flexible dates and different course lengths to suit adult students. 
  • English courses are available from beginner level to intermediate and advanced levels.
  • The most common course taught in English language schools in the UK is general English. Some schools specialise in other types of English course, like business English, legal English and exam preparation courses.
  • A typical English language course includes lessons in the morning and optional activities organised by the school in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. Most schools can also offer intensive, full-day courses for students who want to learn faster. 

Junior vacation centre (also called summer centres)

  • Junior vacation centres offer residential programmes designed for students under 18 years old. Everything is included: English classes, food, accommodation and fun activities.
  • Most summer centres are open between June and August. Students can stay for just one week or all summer. Some junior centres offer courses in spring (the UK Easter holidays), and sometimes in autumn or winter.
  • Many junior centres are based in British boarding schools or university campuses. This means students can enjoy excellent facilities and residential accommodation.

Further Education college

  • Further education colleges are government-owned institutions which offer a range of academic and vocational courses to students aged 16 years or older.
  • Many colleges have international centres where international students can study English language.
  • Students can also study for British qualifications like GCSEs or A Levels, prepare for university in the UK, or study vocational courses, like business, marketing or hospitality. 

University language centre

  • University language centres offer English courses for intermediate or advanced level adult students.
  • Universities specialise in academic English and they offer pre-sessional courses to help students improve their English to the level needed to study a university qualification.
  • Some universities offer "English plus" courses, which means an English course with extra studies in a different subject. An example is English with Literature and Intercultural Communication.

Home tuition

  • You can also learn English in a teacher's house – and live there while you study.
  • Lessons are usually one-to-one, or sometimes in small groups.
  • Specialist English courses, like business English, are available.

Which English course do you want to study? Do you want to improve your general English, or pass an exam? In the UK you can learn the English you need - business English, legal English, academic English, medical English and much more.