Language School 360
Contact Steve Wood
Address 32 Monarch Gardens, Eastbourne, BN23 6JW
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 1323 312034

We provide a bespoke Admin, Booking & Management Information System packed with functionality for boutique language and summer schools

The software has all the functionally necessary enabling schools to run just 1 system, including managing enquiries, bookings, agents, accommodation, classes, seasonal staff recruitment, operations such as airport transfers and much more.

There are various portals all linked to the main database for Head Office staff, Course staff, Agents, Students, Parents (online booking) and staff applicants so all data is live and up to date at all times.

The Course staff portal has lots of functionality designed to help schools meet the inspection criteria of the British Council such as student concerns and conduct logs, watch lists, alerts, student and staff feedback, accident reporting, medical logs, communication logs, staff appraisals and much more.

The beauty of the Language School 360 software is that we create a copy of our software and then adapt and optimise it for each school, so that it works in line with the school's individual business needs and working practices.

We also offer general website and app development and industry-relevant consultancy services.

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