Schoolworks Software Ltd
Contact Brett Talbot
Address Britannia House, Hammersmith, London, W6 0LH
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 800 242 5008

Schoolworks is a school management system developed specifically for the language school sector and is the first of its kind to be developed on the market leading Salesforce® cloud platform.

As a cloud based platform, data can be accessed with a web browser on any device at any time, without the need for expensive IT hardware required to run traditional school management systems. This lowers both the start-up cost and on-going maintenance costs such as back-ups, system updates and hardware upgrades.

The platform is flexible and can be configured to automate tasks, reports, dashboards and alerts to increase efficiency and eliminate mistakes, ultimately increasing sales and lowering operating costs.

The core product includes state-of-the-art functionality to manage courses, agents, accommodation, transfers and accounts, with the option of adding on an online booking system, teacher portal and learner portal.

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