James Dixey Ltd
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Address Westonhanger, Canterbury, CT3 1QL
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 7841646887
Fax n/a
Website uk.linkedin.com/in/jamesdixey
Email James@jamesdixey.co.uk

James Dixey runs a specialist consultancy helping people buy and sell Language Schools and Educational Businesses.

James started, built and sold Pilgrims Language Courses of Canterbury at a P/E of 12:1. This remains a record for the industry. He has 35 years’ experience in the ELT field, so knows the industry, the market, the people and the product. James has bought, sold and merged lots of schools so he knows exactly what is involved in the process; and how to get the best value for you.

James will tailor his service and fees to exactly what you want. He can either take the lead and act for you; or remain in the background, advising you on how to do it yourself; and helping you through the various processes.

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