Accreditation UK & how we can help

Accreditation UK is the quality assurance scheme for the English language teaching industry in the UK and is managed by the British Council with English UK. Accreditation under the scheme demonstrates that a centre has achieved professional standards in its internal management, teaching, resources, environment and student care. The scheme's requirements are among the most rigorous in the world.

Accreditation UK: what accreditation means and how we can help you achieve it

Members of English UK MUST be accredited under this scheme. It is the only accreditation required for centres which simply issue student visitor and extended student visitor visas of up to 11 months.

However, although Accreditation UK was the first accrediting body for the English language teaching industry to be approved by the UK Border Agency, changed regulations mean that centres sponsoring students for full visas under Tier 4 of the points-based visa system must now be accredited by an educational oversight body such as the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Unfortunately these inspections are usually considerably more expensive than the Accreditation UK scheme.

Achieving accreditation: how we can help

English UK offers an independent consultancy service to advise English language providers on how to successfully negotiate the accreditation process for the first time and achieve the best possible outcome. The Accreditation Consultancy Service (ACS) is aimed at new and established private sector schools and ELT centres in universities and further education colleges

The main benefit is a one-day consultancy visit, which is a cost-effective way of finding out whether there are still details which a centre needs to address, or whether it can apply for inspection with greater confidence.

The expert team of English UK consultants is managed by Huan Japes, Deputy Chief Executive (Professional Services) of English UK. Our consultants have managed all types of ELT operations, and so offer a wealth of experience, as well as a thorough knowledge of the Accreditation UK scheme.

The ACS gives you:

  • A free copy of the Accreditation UK handbook
  • A pre-consultancy appraisal, usually by telephone, including a review of publicity materials and staff qualifications
  • One full day's on-site consultancy visit by an experienced specialist followed by a written report
  • Continuing access to advice for the duration of the service as the organisation prepares for the inspection
  • Generous discounts on the full range of English UK training courses and training days
  • The opportunity to attend English UK conferences at a discounted rate

How much does it cost?

English UK ACS subscription fee for the first year £600 + VAT

If applicable, at the start of Year 2, a candidate registration renewal charge is levied £100 + VAT

An additional consultancy visit in the second year £600 + VAT

If an ACS centre applies for membership of English UK within 6 months of gaining accreditation, the centre will be entitled to up to a £600 discount on their first membership subscription charge.

Accreditation Consultancy Service costs are not part of the fees of the formal accreditation process.

Applying for the ACS