English language central to new UK international education strategy
29 July 2013

The new UK international education strategy, published today (Monday 29 July) by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, sees the English language as key to growth in education exports.

The strategy includes a number of elements and initiatives to support the teaching and learning of English and the training of English language teachers in the target markets.

English UK, the world's leading language teaching association, has been closely involved in the development of the strategy and will be a member of the International Education Council which BIS is setting up to oversee its implementation. Tony Millns, English UK's chief executive, has agreed to chair a working party taking forward the English language elements of the strategy.

Welcoming the launch of the strategy, Tony Millns said: 'First, it is good that the government has recognised that education could be one of the key growth sectors of the UK economy for the future, and is prepared to support and encourage UK education providers of all types to expand our business in the nine selected target markets. Second it is good that they are setting up within BIS a new Education Unit dedicated to helping grow these exports. And third it is especially good that the English language is an integral part of the strategy, since English is arguably our most successful export ever and a source, along with our education, heritage and culture, of much of the UK's soft power.'


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