English is GREAT is great for attracting students, says English UK member
11 February 2016

Our English is GREAT campaign returns to Brazil later this month, and there's still a chance for our member centres to join us there to make the most of it.
So far, we've taken teachers from several English UK regional groups to teach students at the major Salão do Estudante fairs, and organised a very successful scholarship competition to bring five students to UK centres. Almost 2000 videos were made by Brazilians who wanted to enter the competition, and the top 100 have had more than 85,000 views on our YouTube channel.
The next phase of our campaign sees us back at the Salão do Estudante fairs later this month and in March: we have an English is GREAT pavilion at the fairs in São Paulo, Rio Copacabana, Salvador and Belo Horizonte, where members get special deals on booking booths. The winning students will also be giving seminars on their experiences in the UK.
Francine Packham of Leeds English Language School joined us as a teacher and marketer at the November fairs, and says they are very worthwhile events for our member centres, and she recommends taking part. 
"My trip has paid for itself already in bookings - we've had two students already, with more coming later in the year. Lots of people came to the classes and came to the booth to ask more questions about studying in the UK.
"There was a huge interest in coming to the UK, and they were interested in hearing about other places. They might know Manchester but not Leeds, for instance, and I was there to tell them about studying in the North. They don't realise how little time it takes to get between cities in the UK - they're used to Brazil which is much bigger - and they're interested in hearing about cheaper options."
She adds: "It was an incredible, amazing tour of Brazil. Britain is still a massive draw. You tell them about York and they have quite a romantic idea about places, and they'd like to come come and enjoy it. Also, the GREAT campaign is a lot bigger than I realised at the time and it was pitched really well, with all of the strengths needed to get people interested. If I went back, I'd be very confident that I could get more bookings."
Members who are interested in joining English UK's English is GREAT Pavilion in any of the Brazilian fairs  can get a discount on a 6sq m booth, or get a 4sq m booth only available in this pavilion. Attend the fairs in two or more cities, and you get a £1,000 grant, available as a rebate when booking.
To book or find out more about the discount offer for English UK members, please contact Jerome@bmimedia.net at BMI Media, the organisers of Salão do Estudante.
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