Webinar: Find out what it's really like to study English in the UK
16 April 2016

Take part in our webinar at 16:00 (London time) on Tuesday 19 April 2016. You'll listen to the experiences of three students from different countries who are currently studying English in the UK. They'll share their unique perspectives, explain their reasons for studying English in the UK and give honest advice. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions.

 Spoken by 1.5 billion people worldwide, English is a global language. It has three-times more non-native speakers than native speakers. English is found on every continent. It is the language of the Internet. It is the language of international travel, of international business and of science. 

So you want to learn English? No matter who you are or why you want to learn, you'll enjoy the best experience in the UK where you'll be immersed in English, learning inside and outside class. With more than 500 accredited language schools, which experience will you choose? 

During this webinar you will learn:

  • About what it's really like to study English in the UK
  • About what it's really like to study English in the UK
  • How to choose an English language course and school
  • What you'll experience inside & outside the classroom while studying English in the UK
  • What current international students think about studying English in the UK
  • What makes the UK such a wonderful place to study and live

Interested? Register for the webinar  

If you're unable to join on Tuesday 19 April, you'll be sent a recording of the webinar that you can enjoy at a convenient time for you.

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