English UK welcomes promising developments for ELT
24 August 2017

News that the government has commissioned a report into the impact of international students has been welcomed by English UK.

The announcement, coming at the same time as an official report confirming that over 97 per cent of international students leave the UK promptly at the end of their courses, has raised hopes that the importance of the industry and its negative impact on migration will be recognised in future Government policy.

Sarah Cooper, English UK's chief executive, said: "We have long recognised the positive benefits international students bring to the UK, both from an economic and a cultural perspective. We know English language students alone contributed £1.2 bn to our economy in 2014, and we believe that will become more important post-Brexit.

"Many high-flying university students begin their journey through UK education as English language students, and we are delighted that the government recognises the long-term impact of that journey."

Announcing that she had commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to assess the impact of international students in the UK, Home Secretary Amber Rudd's letter said: "The Government strongly wishes to continue to attract international students to study in the UK. We recognise that they enhance our educational institutions both financially and culturally; they enrich the experience of domestic students; and they become important ambassadors for the United Kingdom in later life."

The Home Office's second report on statistics being collected under the exit checks programme, revealed that 97.4% of all international students [including those on short term study visas] departed "in time," before their visas expired. Exit checks data

Also published today is a report from the Office for National Statistics examining student migration patterns, which highlighted that there is no major issue of non EU students overstaying their visas. It also shows that people's journeys are often complex: some arrive on a work visa and legally transfer to a student visa, and vice versa.

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