Chinese agents visit English tutor’s home as part of summer school Fam trip
2 October 2017

The tour, an English UK inward mission that took place in London and the South East, included agents who were already very experienced in summer operations. "Some had worked as group leaders: that meant they paid a lot of attention to the details and asked a lot of useful questions," said Sarah Wang, international manager for English UK, who led the trip.

"They liked that the trip was combined with StudyWorld, which maximised their opportunities to find new products and providers, and it was the first time we had been able to feature a home tuition course. We visited the home of an InTuition teacher – many agents hadn't been aware of these courses previously, and were keen to promote them."

Ms Wang said that the agents generally preferred residential accommodation to homestay as they believed quality control was better. They wanted to get the message over to the language centres that Chinese students were generally more reserved than their European counterparts, said Ms Wang.
"They wanted the teachers and schools to understand this difference and offer equal opportunities in classroom and activities."

The group of ten agents visited centres in London, Surrey and Sussex. They were: IH London, Kaplan London, UK College of English, and the Milner School of English in London, the home of an InTuition tutor, CES in Worthing, Sussex Downs and Greater Brighton Metropolitan colleges, and three summer schools - Ardmore at Brighton College, Bell at Bloxham School and British Study Centres at Ardingly College. 

It is the last English UK inward mission be run by Sarah, who leaves English UK in mid-October to become Marketing Director at Full Circle Education Group, based in China.

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