UK-themed networking party and exclusive first-look at Q3 2017 data at ICEF Berlin
26 October 2017

So far, data from our new QUIC initiative has indicated that a recovery is underway for the UK's ELT sector. This Sunday at ICEF Berlin we will be presenting an exclusive first-look at the figures from the crucial summer season as well as comparative data on previous years, to provide definitive answers to the questions of if and how far the UK ELT sector has rebounded in 2017.

You will also find us at stand 19 and are invited to join our UK networking party on Tuesday evening, complete with fish and chips, Pimm's and a Beatles tribute band.

Coming back: signs of recovery for UK ELT?

Sunday 29 October
Charlottenburg I/II room

The UK's English language teaching sector experienced a third successive year of decline in 2016 (student weeks were 13% down on 2015). The uncertainty created by external factors such as the UK's exit from the European Union, elections in Europe and 'Trumpism' added to the impact of the structural shifts occurring as the industry matures and the ever-increasing competition between host countries.

In this time of uncertainty and challenge, English UK is ambitiously leading the way. Our new statistics initiative, the Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC), gives English UK member centres quarterly, in-depth reports by StudentMarketing. QUIC helps members identify emerging market trends and opportunities, ensuring time-critical business decisions are based on robust data. Statistics from 2017 quarter one and two have indicated that a recovery is underway for the UK's ELT sector.

We will be presenting an exclusive first-look of the quarter three report. Top line figures will show the performance of the crucial summer season and provide comparative data on previous years, providing definitive answers to the questions of if and how far the UK ELT sector has rebounded in 2017. Our panel of industry experts will set the numbers in context, considering the reasons behind the recovery and what the future holds for the world's oldest language learning destination.

Speaker - Samuel Vetrak
Chair - Sarah Cooper
Panellists - Steve Phillips, Justin Quinn, Janette Donjon and Jane Dancaster

English in the UK networking party

Tuesday 31 October
19:00 – 21:00
Bern/Zurich Suite, Pullman Hotel

We are hosting a networking party at ICEF Berlin next Tuesday night to promote and celebrate the UK as the number one destination to learn English and we'd like you to join us! The event is the perfect opportunity to network with agents from all over the world.

The reception, hosted in partnership with the British Council, will be held at the Pullman Hotel (across the road from the Intercontinental) in the Bern/Zurich Suite.

We will celebrate British culture with British themed food and drinks including fish and chips, scones with jam and cream, gin and tonic and Pimm's and enjoy a sing along to a Beatles tribute.

If you would like to make sure your partner agents receive an invitation, send their name, organisation and email address to, who will make sure they are invited to join us.

Attendance is by invitation only, so check your email or contact Nasia above. We hope to see you there!


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