How to manage your team to succeed with Fiona Dunlop
8 January 2019

Managing a team of teachers is a challenging and hopefully rewarding experience. Our daily decisions have so many impacts on others and for this reason it is important to ensure that we are managing ourselves and our teams in the best possible way to obtain the full potential from everyone.

Our day will be divided into two connected parts. We will start by looking at our own bank of skills and needs as managers in an ever-changing industry. We will consider our own stress and time management when spinning so many plates at the same time on a daily basis.

We shall pay particular attention to identifying and addressing our own CPD needs and how this trickles down to our team and leads to success within our organisations. We will also reflect on how we monitor our own welfare in the workplace so that our teams are getting the best from us.

We will then go on to look at how we manage our teams to succeed, how we provide support, manage, lead by example and provide the tools to allow individuals to perform to the best of their ability. We shall explore how to make our organisational values a part of the school DNA. How do we record this success and how do we know when success is on the turn? We will share experiences on how we manage under performance and look at real scenarios.

This workshop will provide the audience with tools and fresh ideas to implement into their busy lives as managers in order to enhance the academic quality of their organisations. There will also be ample opportunity to reflect and to share best practice with colleagues.

About the trainer

2017 Fiona Dunlop portrait 

Fiona Dunlop is the principal at Wimbledon School of English, London.

She has over 30 years worldwide experience in the field of English language training, including such areas as Teacher Training, Business and Soft Skills Training and Academic Management. She holds an MA in Psychology and an English UK/Trinity Diploma in ELT Management.

She spent several years working in Cairo and in Rio/Sao Paulo before returning to London in 1997, where she has been involved in all aspects of ELT management and training.

Fiona currently provides training on many aspects of ELT management training such as integrated professional development for teachers and managers, enhancing academic quality, project management and  providing developmental observation opportunities.

She has written articles for ELT publications, delivered webinars for British Council and contributed to the development of a British Council Continuing Professional Development handbook for teachers and managers.

Wimbledon School of English is currently named as the number one school in the UK out of over 500 schools according to British Council inspection reports.

Key information

This training event is a full day session running from 10:00 to 17:00. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided. Participants will receive a certificate from the trainer at the end of the session. 

Book a place

Book your place on English UK's managing to succeed training session with Fiona Dunlop. These sessions are £80 for English UK members and £110 for non-members.

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