Get GDPR and data protection advice as an English UK member
15 January 2019


On 25 May 2018, the UK implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as one of the biggest changes in data protection law for 20 years.

The regulation is relevant to every organisation, irrespective of size or sector because:

  • Penalties for violations are severe
  • The "personal data" definition has expanded
  • Data processing requires adequate security controls
  • The jurisdictional reach includes organisations outside of the EU.

In partnership with education and data law specialists Penningtons Manches, we are providing a data protection helpline for English UK members to receive expert advice.

Members can access advice on all aspects of data protection law including:

  • Contractual issues, such as between centres and agents, including amendments to existing contracts
  • Where a Data Protection Officer might be needed and how to make such an appointment
  • Sense checks for the appropriate legal bases for processing data
  • How privacy policies should be drawn up.

This service is completely free of charge to and exclusive to English UK members - it is one of the benefits of membership.

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