Discover data at the cutting edge of the ELT industry
5 February 2019

Discover and discuss data and insights at the cutting edge of the English language teaching industry at the English UK Marketing Conference this Friday.

To our knowledge, English UK is the only association in the language travel industry to analyse industry data on both an annual and a quarterly basis.

In 2017, together with our insight partner StudentMarketing, we launched QUIC – an unparalleled quarterly statistics initiative to help our members identify market trends and opportunities. In 2018, we piloted a new in-depth data project, inlcuding face-to-face interviews with a researcher. This is an exciting initiative that English UK will be rolling out in 2019, which could set a new gold standard for industry intelligence.

In two sessions at the English UK Marketing Conference, Patrik Pavlaci will showcase English UK’s intelligence activities and give an overview of their most interesting findings. A panel of English UK member centre representatives, chaired by Jodie Gray, will then discuss how they use the data to inform decisions and recruit students.

Who is on the panel?

Patrik Pavlacic 2

Patrik Pavlacic is the head of research at StudentMarketing and a member of ESOMAR World Research. Over the past eight years, he has produced or contributed to more than 60 bespoke research projects for governments, associations and individual providers.

Jodie Gray 1 Jodie Gray, director of strategic development at English UK, works closely with Sarah Cooper, our chief executive, to establish and review key strategic priorities for the association and translate them into an actionable plan. Jodie joined English UK in 2007 and has worked in the international education industry for 12 years.

Session one:
11:15 - 12:05

Spencer Fordham Spencer Fordham is the co-founder and managing director of Capital School of English in Bournemouth and a board member of English UK. Passionate about innovation, Spencer and his school are keen supporters of how data can influence marketing and strategic decisions, with a real focus on how relevant and up to date data can help small to medium sized independent schools.
Stephan Roussounis 170 170

Stephan Roussounis has over 15 years’ experience in the sector, initially starting out as an English language teacher in Ecuador and Argentina. He has since been managing director at Cambridge Education Group and co-owns English in Cyprus, the leading language school in Cyprus. Stephan’s latest venture, Bayswater Education, is a social enterprise that aims to donate a week of English overseas for every week of English taught at its school in the UK.


Session two:
12:10 - 13:00

Jago Brown

Jago Brown started in ELT in 1994 as an activity manager. His career took him into tour operations and roles in the creative and digital industries. Jago returned to ELT eight years ago and is now Commercial and Groups Director at British Study Centres. Data is part of his everyday life at BSC where he manages all groups and juniors' sales and spends a lot of time forecasting these results.

JD cropped 2 2017 Jane Dancaster started in the ELT industry in 1983 and spent several years as a teacher before moving into management. She has worked both overseas and in the UK for a variety of organisations. Since 1999, Jane has worked at Wimbledon School of English, one of the few remaining independent schools in the UK, first as principal and now as managing director.
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