New national campaign to raise teachers' awareness of copyright laws
27 February 2019

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The Copyright Licensing Agency is working with education publishers to raise awareness of their education licence, and how teachers can make best use of it.

The 'Licence to Copy' campaign will begin to see publishers using a CLA badge on their publications to remind teachers at the point of copying that they are free to re-use extracts from textbooks their school owns. By doing so under licence, they are supporting the ongoing production of creative copyright content.

CLA want to help teachers regard the licence as a tool that can support their teaching. If teachers understand what the licence enables them to do, it can help them work smarter and maximise their resources. All this will benefit schools and students, as well as the creators and publishers that CLA represents.

English UK member centres hold the CLA education licence, which covers teachers that copy and share material from textbooks and other resources protected by copyright law. Without the blanket CLA licence, teachers would likely need to seek permission every time they wanted to make a copy from a book.

CLA's education licence frees up teachers to be flexible in their lesson resourcing, allowing them to photocopy, scan, print or e-copy up to 5% or one chapter from the vast majority of books that their school owns, and to share these copies with their students for use in the classroom.

Schools can visit the Licence to Copy page to find out more about the campaign, including an information video, helpful FAQs and an online tool to check what books are covered by the licence. English UK language centres can also receive regular updates via CLA's termly newsletter.

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