English UK's end of year message
22 December 2020

English UK review of the year

English UK's end of year message

2020 has been the most difficult of years for UK ELT, and the latest news in the UK only adds to the challenges that we face. However, we see positives to take from it.

For us, what the past nine months have shown is the strength of the community in UK ELT. We have pulled together and worked together.

English UK's senior leadership team has recorded an end of year message sharing our thoughts on 2020 and our hopes for 2021:

Rebuilding the international market

With very welcome news of the vaccine, our thoughts have turned to recovery. We need to restore confidence in learning safely in English language teaching centres across the UK and get students back into our classrooms. To succeed, we must be bold, innovative and agile. And we must work together.

To this end, we are now publishing our roadmap to recovery after Covid-19, outlining in phase one how we intend to rebuild the international market for UK ELT. Our goal is to return the UK ELT industry to 2019 student volumes by the end of summer 2022.

Reasons to be hopeful

UK ELT is innovative and resilient. The sector has already proven itself to be so, time and time again.

To those who have served on our boards, committees and advisory groups in this most challenging of years: thank you for your generous support and advice.

We have much to do. However, we're feeling hopeful. The English UK team has been and remains - resourceful, brilliant and responsive. We'll be here to support English UK members and UK ELT.

This festive season will be very different, and our thoughts are with all who are unable to spend time with loved ones.

Warmest season's greetings from everyone at English UK.

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